Organisational redesign and change to improve performance and capability

A Government agency required support to deliver on a whole-of-organisation change initiative. 

Our brief was to design and implement a whole-of-business organisational redesign and change process to improve performance and capability.  This included the redesign of internal functional structures; business systems and culture inline with the organisations regional strategy to ensure a more integrated delivery model was achieved with key stakeholder groups (private and government land owners,, local communities and corporate and philanthropic).

Phase 1 and 2 of initial engagement resulted in the successful development of the Plan for Change and supporting Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Plan.

A comprehensive change plan included outcomes, priority actions and measures of success  developed across the following key functions and areas: Business Systems (technology, processes, policies and procedures); Organisational Structure; Staff & Skills; Culture, Shared Values & Leadership.  The design of the plan addressed the strategic directions of the organisation across two fundamental outcomes:

  1. Increasing community participation and improving coordination and integration of outcomes
  2. A one team approach to building an agile, high performing organisation’.

The accompanying Communication and Engagement strategy ensured each key component of the Plan for Change linked in key stakeholder groups for wider collaboration and integration of ideas for change to ensure optimum engagement and buy-in.

Following the successful delivery of Phase 1 and 2, THRL was invited back to assist the CEO and Executive team in the subsequent implementation of the Plan for Change. Additionally, the contract was extended to include Board advisory services.

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