Pursue your potential

20170530_122053Great opportunity working with a progressive Catchment Management Authority in Victoria’s west.

Our brief is to build organisational capability through fostering talent and developing leadership capabilities across all levels the organisation. Central to this will be the identification of potential leaders whilst ensuring appropriate diversity across all layers of the organisation.

Provide an innovative solution to assist in identifying leadership competencies aligned to future needs and design a program to develop competencies of people.  The framework and program is designed to assist in:

1. Identification of potential leaders who are ‘ready now’ and within 1-2 and 3-5 years. This will incorporate leadership capabilities and values, and ensure the organisation maintains and builds the capabilities required for critical roles within the organisation. The framework would include tools to assist managers to assess employee performance, engagement and potential, inform potential career pathways and future development for individuals.

2. The program is to be as inclusive and enabling as possible, providing all staff with an opportunity to participate in the program. The program will consist of a core program for all staff, which can be complimented with additional modules or development opportunities depending on individual needs.  The program will also include diversity initiatives where appropriate.

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