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Approaches to managing reactions to change

Change is a process. Employees are comfortable with and prefer the current state. Transitioning through change creates stress and anxiety. In most cases, the future state is unknown or not well understood. In reality, each impacted employee has his or her own current and future …

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Leadership – the ability to unlearn

The ability to unlearn - The HR Landscape Pty Ltd

The HR Landscape is currently developing a capability framework and leadership development program for a progressive natural resource management organisation.
We research widely to inform our approach and advisory services. Time and time again we come across an article that encapsulates very simply what it truly …

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How to keep your job when the threat of losing it is real

At some point in your career you are likely to experience a major change taking place in an organisation you work for that may impact the security of your job. With so much uncertainty, you still have choices. What you say and do, now until a …

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Change Program – Restructuring Organisations

This is what some of our delegates had to say about our 2 day pubic training program on ‘Restructuring Organisations- a process of design and change’ :

“A game changer for Board and Managers in terms of organisational design and change management.  Thank you! An incredibly invaluable …

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Restructure Change Process Review – Health Services

The HR Landscape was recently engaged by a health services provider (government) to review the effectiveness of an implemented departmental restructure change process. The purpose of the review was to understand why the benefits of the changes had not been realised. Overall staff were less engaged …

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Pathway to successful change

70% of change programs fail and 90% of the reasons for those failures are directly related to people.
It’s in the execution that most fail. So how do you implement change and manage the complexities of human behaviour, when change is so personal?

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