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Good boss, bad boss – Leadership and Management capabilities

image: Good Boss / Bad Boss
You’ve heard the phrase ‘good boss, bad boss’ and you can no doubt, very quickly identify the capabilities that fall into each category.
To stay relevant, organisations require employees who are willing and able to perform at optimal levels.  This isn’t …

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Shifting leadership behaviours – a performance conversation made easy

As part of our consulting work, we come across some interesting workplace environments.  Some with exceptional leaders and others that need to work harder than most in shifting leadership behaviours in order to bring about improved business outcomes.
If your employee surveys are highlighting engagement issues, …

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Moving deck chairs is not the solution to improving performance and culture change

There are many internal and external factors that influences an organisations strategic direction and ultimately how they are structured.  Some of these factors are unavoidable but many can be foreseen and appropriately managed with the right planning.  Internal workforce challenges however, aren’t that straight forward.  …

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6 Approaches for the successful devolution of people management duties to line managers

Further to our popular post on ‘Critical HR issues in the devolution of people management duties to line managers’, we have developed six proven approaches in which HR professionals can implement to ensure improved stakeholder relationships and uptake of HR duties by line managers.

Identify and …

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